California Highways: Route by Route History,Interstate,Numbering CARxR 1.09: Highway Numbering: Interstate Highways

CARxR 1.09: Highway Numbering: Interstate Highways

In this episode, we continue our exploration of numbering of state highways by turning our attention to the Interstate Highway system. This system, started in 1956, uses the red, white, and blue shields. It is the third episode in a four part miniseries on highway numbers in California. In this episode we talk about the history of the Interstate Highway system, how the Interstate Highways are numbered, the history of California’s chargable interstates (i.e., highways that counted towards the federal 42,500 mile limit), the history of California’s non-chargeable interstates, some interstate submissions that were never approved, and we opine about some of the most common questions about California interstates.

There is no interview. We’re going to move the interview segments into separate bonus episodes, owing to the difficulty of obtaining and scheduling the interviews.

The remaining episode in this miniseries will explore the numbering of and the history of California’s signed county route system.

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Episode 1.10 will conclude the numbering miniseries, and we’ll be looking at the County Sign Route system.

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