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CARxR 1.10: Highway Numbering: County Signed RoutesCARxR 1.10: Highway Numbering: County Signed Routes

In this episode, we complete our exploration of numbering of state highways by turning our attention to the County Signed Route system. This system, started in 1959, uses a blue pentagon with yellow numbers, and applies to significant routes at the county level. It is the last episode in a four part miniseries on highway numbers in California. In this episode we talk about the history of the County Signed Route system, how the routes are numbered, some significant county signed routes, and what is happening with the system today.

There is no interview. We’re going to move the interview segments into separate bonus episodes, owing to the difficulty of obtaining and scheduling the interviews.

There are two episodes left in the season: one exploring highway naming, and one exploring the organizations related to the state highways.

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