About This Podcast

This podcast is an exploration of the California State Highway system (and this system includes not only the green shields, but the US and Interstate highways). Starting with Season 2, the goal is to explore each highway that is or has been a part of the system, starting with Route 1 and working our way up to Route 980, in order. Some highways have enough history to require multiple episodes, most of a season, or even an entire season. Each episode will explore all the different routes that had the number — legislative routes, pre-1964 routes, and post-1964 routes. We’ll look into the history, the naming, and significant places and stories along the route.

The first season is the necessary background. We explore the overall history of the state highway system, how state highways are numbered, how state highways are named, and the organizations behind the state highways.

A full list of our planned episodes may be found in the Episode Guide.