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CARxR 1.07: Highway Numbering: State Highways and Post MilesCARxR 1.07: Highway Numbering: State Highways and Post Miles

In this episode, we explore numbering systems in state highways. It is the start of a four part miniseries on highway numbers in California. Specifically, this episode explores the rhymes and reason for the assigning of signed route numbers to highways with the state shield. This includes looking at the patterns in those numbers, and how the numbering system stands today after the Great Nenumbering. The subsequent episodes in the miniseries will explore the numbering system of US Highways, the numbering of and the history of California’s Interstates, and the signed county route system.

The episode also explores another numbering system on state highways: Post Miles. As opposed to sequential mileage numbers as is found in other states, California uses a system called post miles that identifies points along a highway using a combination of a county and a mile point from the southern/western county line, possibly with clarifying prefixes or suffixes. We discuss this system is good detail.

Our interview is with Andy Richardson, who retired from Caltrans as a Subject Matter Expert in Geographical Information Systems, Linear Referencing Systems, and Postmiles. Andy worked as a GIS specialist for the State of California since 1988, including Caltrans between 2001 and his retirement in 2021. In his last years at Caltrans, he implemented the Department’s current Linear Referencing System.

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Episode 1.08 will continue the numbering miniseries, and we’ll be looking at numbers on the US Highway system (black and white shields): what are the numbering patterns and algorithms, and how route numbers are approved. We’ll also look at the history of US highways in the state. Looking forward, Episode 1.09 will explore Interstate numbering and all things Interstate; and 1.10, will look at the County Sign Route system. As always, we’re looking for interviews for future episodes. If you have any leads, please contact us:

  • For 1.08: Someone familiar with AASHTO’s role in highway numbering.
  • For 1.10: Someone familiar with the county sign route system, either from the Caltrans office that coordinates the program or the a county Public Works person.

We encourage you to explore our back catalog through this site or our Anchor.FM home.

Well, We Did It. The Teaser Episode is UpWell, We Did It. The Teaser Episode is Up

It’s getting closer. Tom and I recorded our first “teaser” episode today. Here it is for your listening pleasure. We welcome comments on the episode (and I welcome lessons on Audacity and Roxio Sound Editor (current version; I’m using 2011)), and we’re looking for a great “free” theme song. We’ll be recording a sample episode next (on Route 1), and then once we’ve finished writing about half the first season, we’ll record and start releasing a first season.  You can find a full planned episode guide on our episode guide page.

Here’s the direct link to the episode:


Watch This SpaceWatch This Space

Welcome to California Highways: Route by Route. This is a new podcast that celebrates and shares the contents developed for the California Highways website and the blog posts about California Highways on Gribblenation (because every highway has a story). Tom Fearer of Gribblenation and I are your hosts. We are the in the process of developing our sample episodes, plotting out the seasons, researching and writing the scripts for the first season, and recording the episodes. So watch this space. We’ll announce new episodes here, as well as publishing them on all major podcast outlets via

If you love the original content on our respective web sites, don’t worry. This is an adjunct project for Tom and I. I’ll be continuing to maintain and improve California Highways and adding to my blog, and Tom will continue to explore the highways, and sharing their history and images over on Gribblenation, as well as adding Gribblenation Roadcast episodes.

If you would be interested in helping to cover the costs of developing these episodes, or have original music you would be willing to let us use, please contact Daniel.