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CA RxR 2.11: Route 2: In the Flatlands (Santa Monica and Los Angeles)CA RxR 2.11: Route 2: In the Flatlands (Santa Monica and Los Angeles)

Episode 2.11 of California Highways: Route by Route is the first of two episodes on Route 2. In this episode we explore the general history of all things Route 2: What was the second state route defined; what was legislative route (LRN) 2, what was Sign Route 2, and what is today’s Route 2. We focus on the flatland segment: From Santa Monica to the Glendale Freeway. We do a detailed exploration of the relationship of the Pacific Electric and Santa Monica Blvd; the history of Route 2 and US 66 — and the ever changing routing in Los Angeles and Santa Monica — and the whole story of the never-constructed Beverly Hills Freeway. The last episode of the season will complete our exploration of Route 2 by looking at Route 2 in the hills — the Glendale Freeway and the Angeles Crest Highway.

Note: I made one error in the show: I said the street in West LA was San Vincente. It is San Vicente (and I should know better — I grew up in the area and lived nearby on Darlington). Here’s the history of that name.

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