CA RxR 2.07: Route 1ish: Golden Gate Bridge

Episode 2.07 of California Highways: Route by Route continues our exploration of Route 1 by exploring an interesting gap in the route: The Golden Gate Bridge (GGB). The GGB is not part of the state highway system, and thus (from the point of view of the state) not part of either Route 1 or US 101. It is part of US 101 per AASHTO, and is run by its own district. We’ll cover what was there before the bridge, the construction of the bridge, and current projects along the bridge (such as the singing bridge retrofit, the suicide barrier, and the earthquake retrofit. We’ll also discuss how one pays tolls on the bridge. Looking forward, episode 2.08 will continue our exploration of Route 1 moving northward from the Marin Headlands to the Redwoods.

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2 thoughts on “CA RxR 2.07: Route 1ish: Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. It sounded like you were talking about being charged a toll when crossing the GGB northbound, and avoiding a toll by setting up a trip to cross southbound only.

    The tolls are in fact collected in the southbound direction only.

    General rule of thumb: Tolls are collected when moving towards San Francisco.

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