California Highways: Route by Route Administrivia Well, We Did It. The Teaser Episode is Up

Well, We Did It. The Teaser Episode is Up

It’s getting closer. Tom and I recorded our first “teaser” episode today. Here it is for your listening pleasure. We welcome comments on the episode (and I welcome lessons on Audacity and Roxio Sound Editor (current version; I’m using 2011)), and we’re looking for a great “free” theme song. We’ll be recording a sample episode next (on Route 1), and then once we’ve finished writing about half the first season, we’ll record and start releasing a first season.  You can find a full planned episode guide on our episode guide page.

Here’s the direct link to the episode:

Here’s the episode on

So as we say: Watch this space. Next up is doing a sample episode for real.


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Watch This SpaceWatch This Space

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