California Highways: Route by Route History CARxR Ep. 1.03: Building a State Highway System: The 1930s

CARxR Ep. 1.03: Building a State Highway System: The 1930s

Proposed Auto Club State Route Signage

Proposed Auto Club State Route Signage

In this episode, we’re continuing to explore the history of the State Highway System, focusing on the 1930s and the early 1940s. This is part of our first season of California Highways: Route by Route, where we are exploring the background needed for our route by route journal. In this episode, we’ll see the establishment of the legislative route system, the creation of state sign routes and the signage by the auto club, a major expansion of the state highway system, and continuing growth on the Federal side, laying the groundwork for the eventual interstates. This episode also features an interview with Morgan Yates, Archivist of the Auto Club of Southern California. During his interview, Morgan shared a picture of alternative state routing signs proposed by the ACSC (included here thanks to the auto club). You can write to Morgan at: Corporate Archivist; Automobile Club of Southern California; 2601 S. Figueroa St., MS H-118; Los Angeles, CA 90007.

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We welcome your comments on the episode. We’re also looking for someone to donate or provide more appropriate theme music. We’re also looking for interviews for future episodes; if you know a good person for us to talk to, drop a note to In particular, we’re looking for the folks to talk about the following:

  • For 1.05: Someone familiar with the Pat Brown era of road construction, who is also familiar with the impact on the state of the Great Renumbering (ideally, someone who remembers it first hand).
  • For 1.06: Someone familiar with the contracting and development process for highways today: How the CEQA has changed the process, and the increasing role of regional transportation agencies.

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