California Highways: Route by Route History CARxR Ep. 1.05: Chronology – The Great Renumbering and New Freeways

CARxR Ep. 1.05: Chronology – The Great Renumbering and New Freeways

In this episode, we’re continuing to explore the history of the State Highway System, focusing on the construction boom in the 1960s under the administration of Pat Brown. This period saw the great renumbering, as highways were unified under a combined legislative / sign route system (as opposed to the separate systems that existing previously). It also saw a tremendous expansion of the freeways as construction worked hard to meet the construction deadlines. The period ended with the passage of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the election of Ronald Reagan, and the Freeway Revolts.

Our interview is with Arturo Salazar, a retired District 7 Caltrans engineer and moderator of the Freeways of Los Angeles Facebook group.

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  • For 1.06: Someone familiar with CEQA and its impact on the highway construction process; also the impact of regional transportation planning agencies
  • For 1.07: Someone familiar with California’s state highway numbering, and in particular, with how post miles are used in California.
  • For 1.08: Someone familiar with AASHTO’s role in highway numbering.


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